What would happen to your agency’s revenue if you doubled your closing rate?

Here’s what happened when we did it for Heath Media, the most well known Facebook ads agency in the world.

Oli and his sales team have generated millions of dollars in revenue for my business, signing up well over 100 clients. Having handled all sales personally before working with Oli, I was very nervous about giving up that responsibility. But Oli converted a higher percentage of prospects from day one and proactively worked to improve the sales process continuously. Their work has really helped my business succeed and I would strongly recommend working with them.

Ben Heath,

Founder of Heath Media

Ben Heath

@BenHeath ‧ 231K subscribers ‧ 579 videos

Partnering with Mabane Media for our Sales Meetings has been a game-changer for TextBoost...

The closing rates are FAR higher than I was expecting (Or we’d achieved ourselves) and most of these clients were completely new to SMS marketing. The entire sales process was flawlessly handled by Ross and his team, saving us nearly $100k a year on wages if we were to hire in-house. I highly recommend partnering with them!

Coenie Van De Venter

CEO of TextBoost

Our closing rates were around 7% and Mabane Media tripled that...

As the CEO of Loud Lion, my clients are all sorts of e-commerce brands from family owned businesses right up to multi-nationals, but most of them were missing out on any sort of Tiktok outreach. We were doing cold email outreach but our closing rates were around 7% before I signed with Mabane Media. Literally the first full month that tripled, then it just grew from there and the number that they upsold to the bigger package was crazy.

Alex Wyatt

CEO of Loud Lion

Stats and case studies


Heath Media
(Facebook & Instagram)


Signings in the last 382 meetings (60% conversion rate)
Additional Revenue generated by us
£ 0 M
Signings in the last 23 meetings (56.5% Conversion Rate)
Month Contracts


(SMS Marketing)



Loud Lion
(Content Creation)


Signings in the last 54 qualified meetings (39% conversion rate)
of those signed on PREMIUM packages.
0 %

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A word from our founder,
Ross McLaren

Meet Ross McLaren, the driving force behind the results at Mabane Sales. Boasting an impressive two-decade career in sales, Ross has honed his skills in team building, sales training, and the art of successful and ethical selling. Beyond his business prowess, Ross brings a unique dimension to the table as a qualified counselor and psychotherapist, affording him a profound understanding of human dynamics and relationships. This distinctive blend of expertise allows him to foster authentic connections with clients and colleagues alike.

With a rich professional history, Ross has previously served as the Head of E-commerce for Europe’s largest construction supplier, commanding a team of over 50 professionals. His strategic vision and adept leadership were instrumental in navigating the complexities of the industry and achieving unparalleled success. In recent years, Ross has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of remote sales, solidifying his reputation as a formidable sales closer for major European marketing agencies. Ross dedicates himself to mentoring other sales professionals, sharing his knowledge to help them replicate his outstanding results. At Mabane Sales, Ross McLaren’s seasoned expertise and empathetic leadership converge, ensuring the company stands at the forefront of excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing.

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